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Embossed Straw Paper

This embossed straw paper is a clean, absorbent and economical cushioning product supplied on a roll. It is an environmentally friendly void fill and packing solution as it contains recycled materials and is biodegradable itself.

Because it is also non-abrasive, strawpaper is great for wrapping or interleaving fragile objects such as china, and protecting them from scratches. Good value and soft, this globular straw paper is a versatile packaging material, ideal for general packaging applications. Straw paper is also excellent for filling gaps in packages when packing cartons.

GLOBRoll600mm x 75m

Multi-purpose embossed or globular straw paper is a handy and economical solution for general packaging needs.  It is invaluable in many industries and work areas as it can be used as an affordable and flexible wrapping or void fill material when shipping or storing products. It is clean and absorbent with a protective non-abrasive feature that makes it excellent for wrapping books, pictures, glasses, , porcelain and other delicate goods such as electrical components; it is also ideal for use as an interleaving material.

Strawpaper leaves no waste – it is biodegradable when thrown out or it can be saved and used again. When torn off the roll and scrunched up, it makes a quick and effective cushioning void fill. Or the paper can be torn off to the length needed for wrapping purposes. A simple yet efficient packaging material, straw paper is economical and convenient while being environmentally friendly.