Bubble Film Rolls - Aircap

Aircap barrier sealed bubble wrap is an ideal packaging product offering superior product protection. Lightweight, clean and easy to use, it comes in different sized rolls of small bubble wrap and large bubble wrap to accommodate various items as well as specific packing requirements. Other roll widths, perforations and sheets can be manufactured to your individual needs. Antistatic bubble wrap, self adhesive and laminated materials are also available.

Providing superb cushioning, bubble wrap rolls are an ideal solution for protecting fragile items from knocks and shocks in transit. Flexible and strong, the bubble wrap is also moisture and tear-resistant, and recyclable.

AirCap bubbles are configured to interlock on the roll which gives AirCap its unique space saving feature.  AirCap bubble wrap rolls offer up to 46% space saving, reducing the amount of storage space, reducing the amount of trucks needed to transport it, protecting the environment for additions CO2 emissions and ultimately saving you money.

CodeRefPack QuantitySize
EL200150Small Bubble1 roll1500mm x 200m
EL200120Small Bubble1 roll1200mm x 200m
EL200750Small Bubble2 rolls750mm x 200m
EL200600Small Bubble2 rolls600mm x 200m
EL200500Small Bubble3 rolls500mm x 200m
EL200300Small Bubble5 rolls300mm x 200m
EL900Small Bubble 1 roll900mm x 75m
TL150Large Bubble 1 roll1500mm x 45m
TL120Large Bubble 1 roll1200mm x 45m
TL900Large Bubble 1 roll900mm x 45m
TL750Large Bubble 2 rolls750mm x 45m
TL600Large Bubble 2 rolls600mm x 45m
TL500Large Bubble 3 rolls500mm x 45m
TL300Large Bubble 5 rolls300mm x 45m
ELAS150Small Anti-Static (Pink)1 roll1500mm x 100m
ELAS750Small Anti-Static (Pink)2 rolls750mm x 100m
ELAS500Small Anti-Static (Pink)3 rolls500mm x 100m
ELAS300Small Anti-Static (Pink)5 rolls300mm x 100m
DLAS150XL Anti-Static (Pink)1 roll1500mm x 50m
DLAS750XL Anti-Static (Pink)2 rolls750mm x 50m
DLAS500XL Anti-Static (Pink)3 rolls500mm x 50m
DLAS300XL Anti-Static (Pink)5 rolls300mm x 50m

Rolls of bubble wrap are an indispensible packaging material as the bubble film makes securing and protecting fragile items easier and more manageable. Our Aircap bubble wrap packing comes in small bubble wrap and large bubble wrap; the small size is popular for general purpose packing and comes in 7 different stock sizes, in extra long 200 metre rolls offering huge space savings (1500mm x 200m, 1200mm x 200m, 900mm x 75m, 750mm x 200m, 600mm x 200m, 500mm x 200m, and 300mm x 200m), while the large bubble wrap is ideal for packing very fragile and oddly-shaped items and is available in 6 stock sizes (1500mm x 45m, 1200mm x 45m, 750mm x 45m, 600mm x 45m, 500mm x 45m, and 300mm x 45m). Other bubble wrap rolls can be made to your specifications.

This lightweight cushioning and protective film is extremely strong and flexible and is a versatile packaging solution. Bubblewrap is useful as an interleaving material and can be scrunched up to make good void fill, which makes bubble wrap packing rolls invaluable in many work areas and industries.