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White Cap Tissue Paper

White cap tissue paper is an unbleached economy grade, useful for many different general applications including in the garment, baking and other retail industries. As it is cheaper than acid free tissue paper, this white tissue paper will significantly cut expenses, which makes the sheets a cost-effective option for wrapping, storing or packing items that are not liable to become tarnished.

Aside from being excellent packing tissue, the paper can also be used as interleaving or, when scrunched up, a conveniently instant and effective void fill solution.

The cheap and versatile tissue packaging comes in 4 different sizes.

CodeSizeBoxed / PackedDetails
WCT450700450 x 700mm500 sheets16gsm
WCT500750500 x 750mm500 sheets16gsm

Quality should always come with practicality. This white tissue paper is an inexpensive option that while providing a budget solution for packing needs does not sacrifice performance. It is invaluable as packaging tissue or as interleaving material general packaging requirements. Coming in 4 different sizes, the soft tissue paper sheets can easily and conveniently wrap many different objects. This tissue packaging should be used for items that do not get tarnished easily; please choose acid-free tissue for jewellery and silverware.

Popular in many industries, especially in retail to pack garments, this unbleached economy grade packing tissue paper or white cap tissue paper is also known as bread tissue because it is widely used by bakeries.

It is available in 4 sizes: 375 x 500mm, 400 x 600mm, 450 x 700mm, and 500 x 750mm, supplied in a box of 500 tissue paper sheets.

In addition to being an effective wrapping material, this tissue packaging is also ideal to use as void fill, making the tissue paper not just economical but versatile as well.