Carton / Corrugated

Postal Boxes / Cartons - White

A valuable addition to our range of mailing solutions, these attractive white mailing boxes can be customised and are ideal for retail and mail order purposes thanks to their professional finish – which can be written on or take a gummed label.

The cardboard white postal boxes are designed for strength and convenience of use. The boxes are available in 6 useful sizes, are easy to assemble and are self-locking – but of course tape can always be used for added security. Triple thickness sides reinforce the protection provided. Being flat-packed, the postal cartons are easily stored. 

Our LGB0 & LGB1 cartons have been designed specifically to fit within Royal Mail's Large Letter sizing restriction.  These large letter postal boxes have a white outer and brown inner.  The other 4 sizes all being within the Small Parcel size have a white inner and outer.


LGB0235 x 160 x 19mm9.25 x 6.25 x 0.75ins
LGB1330 x 234 x 19mm13 x 9.25 x 0.75ins
LGB2153 x 127 x 51mm6 x 5 x 2ins
LGB3 228 x 110 x 45mm9 x 4.25 x 1.75"
LGB4225 x 150 x 75mm9 x 6 x 3ins
LGB6360 x 280 x 72mm14 x 11 x 2.75ins

Our easy-to-assemble white mailing box, which is an addition to our range of cardboard boxes, is a presentable and reliable means to ship or post goods. Available in 6 sizes, it can be customised to your specification – please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

The versatility and strength of these cardboard postal boxes make them an ideal postal and packaging solution for a wide variety of items. Being made from robust cardboard, and with triple thickness sides offering extra protection to the contents, our white postal cartons are suitable even for fragile items. Should you need extra cushioning, check out our range of void fill materials.

The self-lock feature of these mailing boxes greatly speeds up the packing process, and you need only use tape or glue if your package calls for extra security. You can easily write on the box surface with a marker pen or attach an address label.