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Mail Tuff Polythene Mailing Envelopes - White

Chosen by many businesses for a wide range of mailing needs, these extra strong smart white polythene envelopes are especially designed to completely protect and secure non-fragile items in the post. Far stronger and more flexible than paper envelopes, the polythene mailers are waterproof with resistance to tearing or punctures, so ensuring that your items reach their destination in perfect quality. The permanent self-adhesive strip saves packing time.

Doubly economical because they are lightweight and yet strong, these mail tuff envelopes are easy to label or write on and are available in 6 different sizes to meet various postal needs or requirements.

CodeSizeBoxed / Packed
MT1165 x 240mm100
MT2230 x 320mm100
MT3250 x 350mm100
MT4295 x 415mm100
MT5406 x 400mm100
MT6450 x 525mm100

Excellent for packing and mailing less-fragile and bulky items, such as fabrics and bundles of papers or brochures, these white mail tuff polythene bags are perfect for everyday postal needs. Invaluable especially in the business world, the polythene mailing envelopes are made from multi-layer polyethylene film which means they are extra strong and durable. They are also friendly to the environment, leaving no harmful residue.

Polythene mailing bags are impervious to wet and harsh weather, being waterproof and resistant to tear and puncture. With a self-adhesive strip, which also provides a tamper-evident closure, the mail tuff envelopes are quick to seal by the packer and easy to open by the recipient.

While they speed up packing time, these convenient polythene envelopes also save shipping costs because they are very light. There is a range of six sizes with cost-effective quantities per pack to ensure all your postal requirements and needs are met.