Printed Warning Tapes

These printed adhesive tapes are especially made to highlight specific requirements of packages in transit or storage. It is hard to miss the warning tapes with the texts "HANDLE WITH CARE", "FRAGILE", "CAUTION" and "GLASS WITH CARE" printed in a clear and large red typeface on a white background. Other packing tapes sending out orders loud and clear are "PALLET-STOP" and “DO NOT DOUBLE STACK". 

Manufactured using premium grade vinyl or polypropylene (where shown), caution tapes save both time and money by also functioning as packaging tapes. No need for extra labelling when you can seal items for shipping while alerting handlers to instructions.

RefMaterialSizeBoxed / PackedText
CAUTION50-POLYPolypropylene50mm x 66m36 rollsCAUTION
FRAGILE50POLYPolypropylene50mm x 66m36 rollsFRAGILE
FRAGILE50Vinyl50mm x 66m36 rollsFRAGILE
GLASS50Vinyl50mm x 66m36 rollsGLASS WITH CARE
HANDLE50Vinyl50mm x 66m36 rollsHANDLE WITH CARE

These warning tapes printed with instructions "PALLET-STOP", "DO NOT DOUBLE STACK", "HANDLE WITH CARE", "GLASS WITH CARE", "FRAGILE" and "CAUTION" alert handlers to the specific attention needed for various packages. The adhesive tapes are made of top quality vinyl which makes them low-noise, strong, durable and reliable, and can be used with a tape gun or tape dispenser to make quicker and neater cuts. Caution packing tapes form part of a cost-efficient packaging process as they already have your message printed on them, so there’s no need for additional labels.

This printed tape range with a choice of texts offers a superior self-adhesive tape and carton sealing solution for fragile goods such as mirrors, glass, china, paintings, and other items that have particular handling requirements. It is ideal for businesses involved in shipping as the warning tapes can also serve to identify whether the sealed packages have been tampered with or opened.