Carton / Corrugated

Wardrobe Boxes / Cartons

An excellent packing solution for shipping or storing clothes, these strong wardrobe boxes feature a plastic hanging bar and hand holes so they provide totally portable hanging clothes storage.

We have 2 sizes in stock, each with a locking strip: see below. For alternative sizes, please contact us.

Made from 100% recyclable premium double wall corrugated board, the wardrobe cartons are flat-packed and easy to assemble. Following a move they can be flattened again, ready for reuse as clothes storage boxes.

Wardrobe moving boxes save so much time as they are the simplest way to pack and protect garments when storing clothes or moving premises.

WARDROBE510 x 457 x 1220mmHanging Bar - 18ins / 457mm
WARDROBE-24610 x 510 x 1220mmHanging Bar - 24ins / 610mm

These portable wardrobe boxes help take the stress out of moving to a new location. They also provide excellent temporary protection during redecorating or refurbishing. No need for folding and packing while trying to avoid creases, as garments can simply be transferred from the existing cupboard and hung on the bar in the wardrobe moving box.

Aside from conveniently moving clothes, the double wall cardboard boxes can be reused. Maintains stored clothes free from dust.

Hanging clothes storage boxes are the solution for various purposes – whether as wardrobe moving boxes, hanging space for extra garments or packing away out-of-season outfits. Wardrobe boxes are easy to handle and if more than one is used in a move we suggest identifying them with a marker pen.