Vinyl Packaging Tape

Seal boxes and cartons securely for storage and mailing with this Monta vinyl adhesive tape. Offering a first-class carton sealing solution, this high performance vinyl packing tape is suitable for a wide range of general packaging applications. It has high resistance to moisture and temperature change, making it an ideal choice for packages intended for long-term storage.

Available as either clear vinyl tape, brown packing tape & heavy duty brown tape, the packaging tape is supplied in a choice of widths and roll lengths. With its excellent adhesive properties, this standard carton packing tape is a valuable solution for a wide range of needs.


CodeRefSizeBoxed / Packed
BVT25Brown25mm x 66m72 rolls
BVT38Brown38mm x 66m48 rolls
BVT50Brown50mm x 66m36 rolls
BVT50132Brown50mm x 132m36 rolls
BVT75Brown75mm x 66m24 rolls
HDBVT50Brown Heavy Duty50mm x 66m36 rolls
HDBVT75Brown Heavy Duty75mm x 66m24 rolls
CVT12Clear12mm x 66m144 rolls
CVT19Clear19mm x 66m96 rolls
CVT25Clear25mm x 66m72 rolls
CVT38Clear38mm x 66m48 rolls
CVT50Clear50mm x 66m36 rolls
CVT50132Clear50mm x 132m36 rolls
CVT75Clear75mm x 66m24 rolls

With a guaranteed strength and durability, Monta vinyl adhesive tape is an essential tool in packing departments and other work areas and industries. This parcel tape is an extremely high performance packing tape, answering to a wide range of secure and tight packaging needs. Vinyl packing tape is ideal for securely sealing cartons and boxes for transport or storage as it has a high tack adhesive and is resists moisture. It maintains its good performance even in changing weather. While standard vinyl tape is very strong – in both the clear and brown options – it is also available in heavy duty grade brown tape for heavier packages. We have various widths and lengths of the adhesive tapes.

For quicker and more convenient application, apply any of this range of parcel tapes using one of our tape dispensers.

This standard packaging tape is strong and reliable, and will give every parcel or box a neat and professional looking seal.

Monta Profile

Monta Klebabandwerk, Germany.  Established in 1855.  Monta specialise in the manufacture of high performance self-adhesive packaging tapes. They have continued to invest in their production facilities ensuring they product only the highest quality products available.  Their quality, consistency and reliability is second to none.