Vermiculite Void Fill

An adaptable loose fill packaging, vermiculite can be poured easily around objects in boxes – even items with irregular shapes. It is absorbent, lightweight and clean, and perfect for carrying or storing various goods.

This expanded vermiculite is highly suitable as a safe loose fill packaging and cushioning material when transporting dangerous goods and fragile items. This is mainly due to its superb absorbency and resistance to chemicals. It offers excellent insulation from knocks and shocks and is fireproof. Vermiculite conforms to road, air and rail requirements as well as being an ideal protective void fill.

VERMICULITE100 litre bag

With high resistance to chemicals, vermiculite easily absorbs leaks from packaged materials, and since it is also fireproof it is an extremely safe voidfill for packing and transporting a variety of products. Expanded vermiculite is a natural inorganic substance that is easily thrown away when no longer needed as it is biodegradable.

An excellent cushioning material which also offers good insulation, this vermiculite acts as a very efficient shock absorber, thus helping prevent damage to goods during shipping or storage. It is invaluable for use as loose fill packing when boxing up either dangerous goods or delicate objects.

As a cushioning void fill, vermiculite is particularly useful for objects with odd shapes because it can be poured around them, protecting them from bad handling or knocks. Natural expanded vermiculite answers to a wide range of packaging needs, particularly those that involve goods that are fragile or dangerous. Safe and highly convenient, vermiculite is clean and lightweight so also saves on shipping costs.