Carton / Corrugated

UN Approved Cartons

These UN approved cartons are used for shipping certain types of goods such as dangerous, hazardous or explosive products whether by air, road, sea or rail. 

Such goods require specialised, and approved packaging that conform to UN standards. 

The gross weight of the packed boxes must not exceed certain weights as shown in the table below.

CodeSize4G Max Weight
STF1175 x 155 x 215mm5kg
STF2213 x 213 x 223mm8kg
STF3275 x 195 x 300mm11kg
STF4325 x 245 x 300mm16kg
STF5360 x 260 x 295mm18kg
STF6430 x 310 x 300mm27kg
STF7390 x 390 x 425mm34kg
STF8575 x 370 x 420mm50kg
STF9775 x 575 x 540mm91kg

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