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Packaging Room Equipment
Packaging Room Equipment

Tape Dispensers – Tape Guns and Desk Top

Tape dispensers are essential part of packing room equipment, speeding up the packaging and dispatching of parcels while producing a neat seal. We offer a vast choice of hand held, desk-top and bench mounted tape dispensers and tape guns to accompany our range of adhesive tapes. Heavy duty tapes can be dispensed on hand held guns and bench mounted parcel tape dispensers, available in various widths. We also supply gummed paper tape, desktop pull and tear, and both electric and hand lever bench tape dispensers. Durable and reliable, these dispensers are all ideal for high volume packaging.

CodeDescriptionSize mm
HTD50Hand Gun50
HTD75Hand Gun75
BTD25Desktop Dispenser25
BTD50Desktop Dispenser50
HDHTD50Heavy Duty Hand Gun50
HDHTD75Heavy Duty Hand Gun75

Sealing and packing parcels is made easier, faster and more convenient with this range of tape guns and tape dispensers. Dispensing many different kinds of self-adhesive tapes, our desk top dispensers, bench mounted dispensers and hand held dispensers are designed to provide a hassle-free operation. The products are strong enough to withstand knocks caused by harsh work areas, such as being dropped on the floor.

Perfectly complementing our wide range of packing adhesive tapes, these cost-effective tape dispensers come in different varieties to cater to most adhesive tape types and packaging requirements. We have hand-held guns and bench mounted dispensers to allow you to conveniently and quickly dispense tapes single-handedly. Our tape guns are made to provide straightforward and reliable dispensing of quick-release tapes, thanks to their integral brake that allows the operator to put on additional tension to the packages for more secure and tighter bundles and seals.

The selection of tape dispensers also includes the heavily weighted desktop pull and tear office tape dispenser, gummed paper tape dispenser and the bench dispenser (electric or hand lever). All our tape dispensers and tape guns are easy and manageable, making them an indispensible packaging solution.