Tamper Evident Tape

This top grade tamper evident tape is a convenient and reliable solution to prevent parcels from being tampered with. Use the tamper proof security tape when packaging important documents as well as high-value or important items. Once removed from the package, the sealing tape leaves behind the warning message ‘OPEN VOID’ which is immediately identified and cannot be disguised.

Supplied in red, in 50 metres x 48mm rolls, our tamper proof tape can used be used in a tape dispenser or cut using scissors.

CodeSizeFurther Information
TAMPER4848mm x 50mReveals text 'VOID OPEN'

Our tamper proof tape is a simple and cost-efficient alternative or reinforcement to ordinary adhesive sealing tapes as it allows easy detection of pilferage of goods or tampering with the package. It is an excellent security packaging tape with a wide range of applications including when dispatching legal or insurance documents, exam papers, items for police forensics, retail distribution and of course anything of high value where sealing with an ordinary packing tape is not enough.

Examples of how Tamper Evident Tape is used

• Medical – eg Organ transfers / research results
• Education / Examination Boards
• Legal or Insurance for confidentail and sensitive documents
• Airline security
• Equestrian – eg Racing-horse sperm protection / medication
• Distribution
• Food & Drink Industry
• Police Forensics

Manufactured from top quality materials, this specialist tape increases the security of your packages by revealing the clear warning “VOID OPEN” once it is removed from the package. The adhesive tape acts not only as a secure seal but also as a deterrent to unauthorised opening – and if anyone then tries to reseal the package it is immediately noticeable.

Our tamper evident tape conveniently fits a tape dispenser. The 50m rolls are 48mm wide and is available in red.