Carton / Corrugated

Korrvu Suspension Boxes & Retention Packaging

Versatile, strong and lightweight, Korrvu suspension boxes and retention packaging offer simple, fast and cost-effective brace-and-block protection to a wide range of items.

Both forms provide a solution that caters for goods of various sizes – including awkward shapes – without using void fill – and protects goods from shocks, knocks and vibrations during shipping.

In the case of retention packaging the transparent suspension film forms a pocket that conforms to each shape and holds it tightly in place, whilst suspension boxes suspends your product between two layers of highly resilient low-slip film within the carton void.  In both cases the film is a low-slip film, strong and highly resilient.  Korrvu products are environmentally friendly for a number of reasons – see below.

CodeSizeFurther Details
KORRVU-1AWindow 150 x 150mmTop and Bottom Pack
KORRVU-1B194 x 194 x 86mmCase
KORRVU-ST20AWindow 240 x 150mmTop and Bottom Pack
KORRVU-ST20B294 x 194 x 136mmCase
KORRVU-2AWindow 240 x 150mmTop and Bottom Pack
KORRVU-2B294 x 194 x 136mmCase
KORRVU-3AWindow 330 x 240mmTop and Bottom Pack
KORRVU-3B392 x 292 x 130/180mmCase
KORRVU-4CWindow 190 x 130mmClam-shell Pack
KORRVU-4B235 x 165 x 75mmCase
KORRVU-6UCase 185 x 90 x 34mmRetention pack (anti-static)
KORRVU-7UCase 253 x 135 x 40mmRetention pack (anti-static)
KORRVU-8U280 x 230 x 70mmRetention pack (anti-static)
KORRVU-9NWindow 450 x 280mmLap-top Pack
KORRVU-9B465 x 200 x 380mmCase

With an impressive flexibility and versatility, Korrvu answers to a wide range of packaging needs. It is an innovative engineered solution designed to keep your products safe and secure while in transit. Both of the solutions work by entrapping the product between two layers of strong and highly-resilient elastomeric film that conforms to different shapes and  in both instances is kept from getting knocked, shocked or bumped in transit, thus ensuring it reaches your customer in top condition.

Further to that the resilient and tough film retains its effectiveness for return shipments and multiple uses (as long as it isn’t damaged by the recipient).

Korrvu Retention and Suspension Products are Eco-friendly

Korrvu retention packaging and suspension boxes benefits both your business and the environment. The boxes are a superb space-saving solution as they require up to 80% less storage space than regular void fill materials. Next, being lightweight as well as less bulky, retention packaging requires less energy for transportation and shipping. Korrvu reduces your carbon footprint even further by being fully recyclable – including the suspension film which is officially accepted as recyclable. Finally, the manufacturing process requires less energy, making this an all-round environmentally-friendly product.

How Korrvu suspension boxes work:

1.  The Korrvu frame is assembled at the packing station and is then put in the carton ready to suspend the product in the middle of the package.

2.  The top window is next placed over the product so that the item is totally suspended between two flexible and strong low-slip films.

3.  Once the carton is closed, the tension created secures the item firmly in between the two suspension windows and so protects it from vibration, knocks or shocks. The package can be sealed with packing tape if required, and is ready for shipping.

How Korrvu retention packaging works:

1. The side flaps of Korrvu fold upward to loosen the film and form an insertion pocket for easy loading of products.

2. The side flaps are then folded down to tighten the film and hold the product/s inside securely in place.

3. The finished package is placed in the corrugated carton, sealed with packing tape if necessary, and is ready for shipment.

Thanks to its versatility, Korrvu retention packaging and suspension boxes will be an excellent addition to your packing solutions. It is suitable for fragile items, including electronic components, chinaware, toys, mobile phones and even musical instruments.