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Polypropylene Strapping Trolley / Dispenser – for Plastic or Cardboard Core

A mobile strapping trolley guarantees to improve the efficiency and productivity of your strapping process. This strapping dispenser is ideal for polypropylene strapping on either a plastic and cardboard core. As it keeps the straps organised, the strapping cart avoids the need for packers to wrestle with tangles of coiled strapping. And being a mobile strapping dispenser, it can be taken exactly where needed in the workplace or warehouse.

With a robust frame, built-in strap brake and a convenient integral tray to carry strapping tools, this durable strapping dispenser cart is a reliable solution for general hand strapping and bundling applications.

TROLLEYTrolley for Cardboard Core Strapping
TROLLEY-PLASTICTrolley for Plastic Reel Strapping

An invaluable strapping solution, this strapping dispenser, which is suitable for straps with cardboard or plastic cores, is designed with convenience and productivity in mind. It is a mobile strapping dispenser that you can bring around everywhere in the warehouse or packing departments. Also featuring an integral tray, the strapping dispenser cart ensures that all the other strapping tools you need are organised in one place and within easy reach, thus speeding up packing and bundling tasks.

This hard-wearing and durable strapping trolley guarantees to deliver excellent performance for years and save time and energy into the bargain. Say goodbye to the nightmare of untangling coiled polypropylene strapping, not to mention the danger of leaving tangled straps trailing on the floor.

A mobile strapping dispenser removes stress and mess from the strapping process, and this highly convenient strapping trolley is a real cost-effective tool that both improves efficiency and leaves the workplace neat and clean / spick and span in Lean environments.