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Strapping Seals and Buckles

Our range of hand strapping seals for polyester and polypropylene strapping includes standard, heavy duty, semi open and serrated strapping seals. An alternative to the metal seals, are the plastic and sheradised buckles which eliminate the need for hand strapping tools.

This strapping equipment is especially designed to make stronger and more efficient grips to secure packages while in transit. The seals and buckles are safe, light and easy to use. Our strapping seals cater to all packing needs and requirements – whether lightweight applications or heavy-duty usage. They are supplied in cost-effective boxes of 2,000 and 1,000.

12S12mm2000Standard Seal
12HD12mm2000Heavy Duty Seal
EBKS1212mm2000Serrated Seal
12B12mm1000Sherradised Buckles
12P12mm1000Plastic Buckle

Shipping important parcels requires tough security and protective measures to ensure their safe arrival in even the harshest transport conditions. To secure loads efficiently with plastic hand strapping, we provide a choice of buckles or strapping seals which are ideal for fastening palletised loads or for keeping polypropylene strapping fixed.

Made from top quality hard steel, our range of seals suits all plastic strapping applications. The semi open strapping seals come as standard or heavy duty, suitable for standard-sized loads. For extra strength and grip, use serrated strapping seals. Seals are used with a combination hand strapping tool or a tensioner and sealer. The strapping seals are placed over the strap ends, then closed with the tool.

Use standard strapping seals for 9 or 12mm x 25mm polypropylene strapping; the heavy duty seals for 12mm x 32mm; and the serrated metal seals for 12 or 16mm x 30mm strapping.

Sheradised and plastic buckles are an alternative to metal strapping seals, an ideal option for low-volume and occasional users of 12mm polyprop strapping. They allow you to fasten it on loads without the need for hand strapping tools.