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Strapping Machines – automatic and semi-automatic

Strap, bundle or palletise cartons and boxes securely and quickly with our line of strapping machines. Both the fully automatic strapping machine and semi auto strapping machine are especially designed to reduce stress and time strapping your loads and packages. They are suitable for 9-12mm wide strapping and can produce up to 20-30 straps a minute.

While its speed increases your productivity, our machine strapping equipment also enables easy handling because it can create box handles. Straightforward to use, the strapping machines are a reliable solution in different work areas, particularly in warehouses and packing departments.

Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic machines available.

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Increase your packing room productivity by using our strapping machines to strap or palletise cartons or boxes for shipment. The semi-automatic strapping machine and fully automatic strapping machine guarantee to deliver both speed and quality as they produces up to 20-30 tight and secure straps per minute. This cost-effective and highly convenient packing equipment will cut not just your strapping time but your shipping costs as well by unitising loads.

Ideal for plastic strapping, polyester strapping and polypropylene strapping, these machines feature high-grade technology and are convenient and simple to use. The semi-auto strapping machine has an externally controlled tension suitable for strapping small to medium amounts of boxes, while the fully automatic strapping machine is ideal for use in heavy volume strapping needs, particularly when strapping strong and sturdy cardboard boxes.

An automatic strapping machine is a cost-effective piece of packaging equipment that puts an end to the time-consuming and tedious manual strapping procedure.