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Hand Strapping Starter Kits

A hand strapping starter kit is ideal for low volume users and beginners. Available with either plastic buckles or metal seals, these handy dispensing packs come with 800m lightweight polypropylene strapping, enough to kick off general bundling and box sealing applications. The strapping kits are in compact and lightweight boxes.

A hand strapping starter kit with buckles, or seals for stronger fastening, is convenient in offices and warehouses involved in low volume hand strapping for postage.  Portable, affordable and easy-to-use, the kits contain the essentials for securing packages without a trolley or separate dispenser, so are very practical for both experienced users and beginners.

STRAP/SEAL12mm x 800mWith 300 Metal Seals
STRAP/BUCKLE12mm x 800mWith 300 Plastic Buckles

The hand strapping starter kits come in a portable and lightweight self-dispensing carton containing 800m of 12mm polypropylene strapping and either 200 plastic buckles or 300 metal seals. This is already enough for low volume hand strapping and palletising of packages. And because the equipment comes in a compact box, it is easy to carry around or take anywhere it is required, which makes the strapping kits an invaluable solution in offices, shops and small warehouses.

The large choice of packaging materials, strapping tools and packing equipment available on the market may seem to simplify packing applications for the pros. However, our hand strapping kits make life easier both for beginners and anyone who does packaging and bundling occasionally, by providing them with everything needed to get started.

These hand strapping kits are good value and convenient.