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Polypropylene Strapping Dispensers – for Cardboard or Plastic Core

This affordable strapping dispenser is perfect to use with polypropylene hand strapping on either a plastic or a cardboard core. It has a sturdy integral stand and features a carrying handle, which allows you to take it where you need it. Using strapping dispensers will help organise and speed up the strapping process as they are convenient and easy to use ¬– no need to worry about tangled straps and mess.

A strapping dispenser is also vital for safety in the packing room. To save even more energy and time, see our strapping trolleys and Easy Strap Dispenser.

STRAP-DISP(PLASTIC)Dispenser for Plastic Reel Strapping
STRAP-DISP Dispenser for Cardboard Core Strapping

Polypropylene strapping can be quite a messy, time-consuming and tedious task, but this convenient strapping dispenser is a cost-effective way to take the stress out of hand strapping. Use it for general package strapping, pallet strapping or special strapping applications and it guarantees to provide quality performance.

By organising potentially dangerous heavy coils of hand strapping, strapping dispensers reduce mess and allow packers to work more quickly and more safely. Available for both cardboard and plastic cores, this strapping dispenser is portable as it has a carrying handle. Hard-wearing and robust, it will last for years. It is user-friendly as well, so you can be assured that anybody in the work area can manage to dispense neat polypropylene straps for packaging.

Our whole range of strapping dispensers, strapping trolleys and mobile strapping dispensers and carts are a boon to busy warehouses and packing departments as they save time and thus cut costs. They are especially designed to improve loading efficiency and banding safety.