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Packaging Room Equipment

Jumbo Roll Dispenser, Cutter & Stand - 1200mm and 1500mm

Built to last for years, this packaging roll dispenser is designed especially for high-volume packing or wrapping applications, so is ideal in packing departments and warehouses. Available in 1200mm and 150mm widths, the floor-standing paper dispenser is perfect for cutting bubble film, foam rolls, corrugated and wrapping paper.

It is a dispenser and rotary cutter in one unit, which makes the packing process quicker and more convenient. Separating bars on the roll holder facilitate safe feeding and cutting, while locking castors allows you to move the unit easily from one place to another as required.

Available in 1200mm and 1500mm widths.

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Dispensing large rolls of corrugated paper, wrapping paper, bubble film and bubble wrap can be quite a time-consuming, not to mention tedious, task. Our jumbo paper dispenser and cutter is made especially for this purpose, making wrapping and packing applications a lot more convenient.

This wrapping paper dispenser is an all-metal construction that will last for years. It can be moved and positioned safely, thanks to its locking castors on each of its legs. A time-saving packaging tool, the paper roll dispenser is invaluable in industries involved in packing large and bulky items.

Straightforward to operate, this mobile paper roll holder is available in 2 widths, 1200mm and 1500mm, and is suitable for rolls of kraft paper, foam packaging, corrugated paper and bubble wrap. Stable and floor standing, the jumbo wrapping paper dispenser makes high volume dispensing quicker, easier and safer. The latter is due to the dispenser’s separating bars which allow fast and easy feeding and cutting. The paper dispenser also has a sharp cutting edge which produces neat and straight cuts, perfect for giving packages a professional finish.