Self Seal Bags – Write on Panels

These clear grip seal bags are made of acid-free polythene material that remains flat over time – they do not ripple or wrinkle. Designed to make packing or storing lightweight objects simpler, the resealable polythene bags have many uses and feature write-on panels for quick and easy labelling, identification or marking.

Available in many different sizes, plastic resealable bags are protective and leak-proof, and are easy to check because they are transparent,

Resealable bags also make the packing process faster because they don’t need staples, twist ties or heat sealers to secure the contents. They are easily opened when required.

WG0201.5 x 2.5"200 gauge - Write on Panel
WG1202.25 x 2.25"200 gauge - Write on Panel
WG1212.25 x 3"200 gauge - Write on Panel
WG1223 x 3.25"200 gauge - Write on Panel
WG1233.5 x 4.5"200 gauge - Write on Panel
WG1244.5 x 4.5"200 gauge - Write on Panel
WG1254 x 5.5"200 gauge - Write on Panel
WG1265.5 x 5.5"200 gauge - Write on Panel
WG1273 x 7.5"200 gauge - Write on Panel
WG1285 x 7.5"200 gauge - Write on Panel
WG1297.5 x 7.5"200 gauge - Write on Panel
WG1306 x 9"200 gauge - Write on Panel
WG1318 x 11"200 gauge - Write on Panel
WG1329 x 12.75"200 gauge - Write on Panel
WG13310 x 14"200 gauge - Write on Panel

These clear resealable bags are great for high-volume applications in various work areas. They are good to use with marker pens for convenient labelling or marking. From small to large polythene bags, the range of grip seal bags includes various sizes to cater for all shapes and sizes and wrapping requirements.

Offices, wholesale stores and manufacturing industries will find these resealable polythene bags useful for many different applications. Excellent for packing lightweight items, their write-on panel allows for hassle-free and quick identification – no need for sticker hunting or finding separate labels.

Grip seal bags are ideal for storing, displaying or transporting light objects such as screws, nails and other hardware or car parts. Easy to seal and open, our plastic resealable bags provide an attractive and organised means to pack objects, keeping them clean and dry. And because the resealable bags are manufactured using acid-free polythene material, goods may be safely stored long term.