Reinforced Security Tape

Made from premium quality glass fibre material, this cross weave reinforced tape is remarkably strong. The adhesive tape can only be cut using a sharp knife or a tape dispenser – not torn in either direction –  so is perfect for the most demanding applications such as those  needing heavy duty sealing  or high security.

The reinforced tape is so strong and reliable, and its adhesion so good, that it can be used strap or bundle cartons together. Export businesses will find this adhesive tape indispensible for reinforcing packaging and banding heavy containers and consignments. It is available in various widths.

CodeRefSizeBoxed / Packed
TWT12Reinforced12mm x 50m72 rolls
TWT25Reinforced25mm x 50m36 rolls
TWT50Reinforced50mm x 50m18 rolls
TWT75Reinforced75mm x 50m12 rolls

An extremely durable and strong adhesive tape, this cross weave tape is the ideal security tape or reinforcement tape. Featuring superb adhesion, it is a high tack tape which adheres to a wide variety of surfaces, including paper, board and plastic, and because of its immense strength it is also suitable to fasten palletised loads or bind together frames or metal poles.

The reinforced tape is made from glass fibre filaments woven through vertically and horizontally to resist ripping, splitting and tearing. It is the ideal solution for sealing heavy duty packages and high security boxes. Since the cross weave tape is also highly resistant to humidity and temperature changes, it is especially useful as for sealing packages containing export goods. As well as securing containers and/or cartons, it can be used for bundling items together.

This adhesive tape can be cut with a sharp knife  but for a faster, neater and more convenient application, can also be used with our a tape dispenser.