Bin Liners and Refuse Sacks

Refuse sacks and bin liners are indispensible in all workplaces, with top users including the healthcare and hospitality industries. Our excellent selection of premium quality plastic rubbish bags comprises black sacks in four strengths and three sizes (other colours available if required), and pedal, swing and square bin liners. We also have recyclable gusseted clear refuse sacks, ideal for use as sacks in recycling programmes.

All the refuse bags can be used on their own. They are made from high-grade polythene that does not split or puncture easily, providing a great balance between affordability and strength.

CodeFurther DetailsSize
REFUSE16 x 25 x 39"180 Gauge / 45 microns
REFUSE-LARGE18 x 29 x 39"180 Gauge / 45 microns
REFUSE-EXTRALARGE18 x 32 x 39"160 Gauge / 40 microns
REFUSE-LARGE HD18 x 29 x 39"240 Gauge / 60 microns
REFUSE-CLEAR-LARGE18 x 29 x 39''120 Gauge / 30 microns
SWINGBIN13 x 22 x 30"50 Gauge / 12 microns
Square Bin Liners15 x 24 x 24"50 Gauge / 12 microns
Pedal Bin Liners11 x 17 x 18"50 Gauge / 12 microns

Our eco-responsible black refuse bags are made from durable and strong low-density polythene film that includes recycled material. They are excellent for general warehouse clearing or as bin liners to keep containers sanitary. Easy to store and use, these rubbish bags come in different sizes and grades so they can be used for various cleaning requirements: regular, large, large heavy duty, and extra large.

The refuse bags have high capacity and strength, making them very reliable while being affordable – an ideal everyday companion in the work area. Superb for cleaning and sanitary purposes, they are excellent for disposing of heavy or wet rubbish.

For all-round waste management solutions, we also supply top quality swing-bin liners, pedal bin liners and square bin liners as well as recyclable clear plastic sacks. These convenient transparent bin liners, sized 18 x 29 x 39ins, are manufactured from durable 120 gauge recycled polythene and supplied in packs of 50. They make your recycling schemes even more effective by facilitating waste segregation and waste identification.

An ideal refuse and recycling solution, these bin liners complete a comprehensive range of rubbish bags for commercial or domestic use.