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Pure Kraft Paper Rolls

An environmentally-friendly brown paper wrapping material, these rolls and sheets of high quality pure Kraft paper are excellent when there is a need for strength and durability. Pure Kraft wrapping paper is not punctured or torn easily, so provides first-class protection to packages in transit or storage. This reliable brown packing paper is also often used in the publishing industry to serve as the cover spine inside lining of hardbacks.

Perfect for medium to heavy duty applications, Kraft wrapping paper is strong but light, reducing the cost of postage. It is available in rolls and sheets of various sizes.

CodeSizeFurther Details
PKR500500mm x 240m88gsm
PKR600600mm x 240m88gsm
PKR750750mm x 240m88gsm
PKR900900mm x 240m88gsm
PKR11501150mm x 240m88gsm

When there is a need for durability and versatility in a wrapping or packing paper, this top grade pure Kraft paper is the ideal option. Available in different sizes, Kraft paper rolls and sheets provide excellent high performing brown paper wrapping that’s great for use in medium to heavy duty wrapping applications.

The paper is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and reusable, with a high burst strength that gives superb resistance to punctures and tearing. Despite being lightweight it is the strongest protective wrapping paper you can find.

A handy wrapping staple, Kraft brown paper has a smart smooth surface that allows you to stick address labels on it easily or write on it directly with a felt tip pen, and seal with adhesive tape. The brown packing paper comes in various sized rolls and sheets sizes to cater to all every packing requirement. Kraft paper rolls can be used with a paper dispenser for quick, professional packaging.