Carton / Corrugated

Cardboard Postal Boxes

Excellent for packaging and posting many different products, this range of flat-packed cardboard mailing boxes is time saving and essential for any packing department. To create simply open the flat packed box – not glue or tape needed. The boxes are top quality and stylish postal cartons made from rigid corrugated board that provides the protection and strength required. They feature a high-tack self-adhesive strip to seal them securely.  Opens with a perforated tape.

These nifty cardboard postal boxes spring into shape automatically as soon as the inside base is pressed into position. They are economical, take up little storage space and are really useful to keep to hand.

PP2220 x 100 x 280mm
PP3280 x 100 x 360mm

These tough postal mailing boxes are the economical, secure and strong packing and shipping solution for a wide range of items. Being self-seal, the postal cartons speed up packaging, with no need for tape or glue to seal them – which also gives them a neater appearance. The flat-packed cardboard boxes are quick and easy to assemble, instantly forming when the inside base is pressed down after opening.

The mailing boxes provide products with an impressive, professional presentation, and are easily opened by the recipient using the pre-perforated tab. They are not only strong and sturdy; they are also stylish with a smart kraft finish.

Thanks to their clever design, these convenient cardboard postal boxes are an improvement on standard cardboard boxes as they are easier to store and smarter in appearance. The mailing boxes are good value, the brown rigid cardboard providing goods with excellent protection, even delicate and fragile items.