Polythene Sheeting

Flexible but tough, these rolls of polythene sheeting have many uses, indoors and outdoors, notably as a protective material resistant to water and dust. Clear plastic sheets are great as damp proof membranes and invaluable in various work areas such as warehouses and construction sites for protecting machinery, materials and equipment. Plastic sheets are excellent for wrapping items to be stored or shipped, such as clothing, bedding and furniture.

The plastic sheeting rolls come in light, medium and heavy duty grades and in two sizes to suit a variety of uses. For easy handling, they are folded along the length.

LD1/2Light Duty (200 gauge)1m/2m160m
LD2/4Light Duty (200 gauge)2m/4m80m
MD1/2Medium Duty (400 gauge)1m/2m80m
MD2/4Medium Duty (400 gauge2m/4m40m
HD1/2Heavy Duty (800 gauge)1m/2m40m
HD2/4Heavy Duty (800 gauge)2m/4m20m

Clear poly sheeting is a versatile wrapping material for both commercial and domestic use. Because it’s waterproof, rot proof and resistant to many chemicals, it is widely used as a protective covering or wrapper and is useful always to keep in store. Clear plastic sheets has many applications for many business sectors, education and medicine. For ease of handling and storage, the polythene sheeting rolls are centre folded along their length.

Supplied in two widths and in three weights –  light (200 gauge), medium (400 gauge) and heavy duty (800 gauge) – clear plastic sheeting is flexible and durable as well as being convenient to store and multi-purpose. It’s an essential wrapping material in many industries, doubly so because it’s cost-efficient.

For use as a protective sheet or for general wrapping of objects without sharp edges, choose the light or medium duty polythene sheeting. For industrial use or for wrapping heavy items, choose the heavy duty plastic sheeting rolls.