Polythene Packaging

Polythene packaging is designed especially to protect items from moisture and dirt.

Made of high quality polyethylene, our products are strong and durable enough to withstand harsh weather and shipping conditions. Aside from strength and flexibility, polythene packaging is also handy to store and easy to use, which speeds up and increases packing efficiency.

Our wide range of polythene packaging materials includes solutions for different bagging, shipping and storage requirements. Most items come in various sizes and special colours to cater to general packing as well as special packing purposes.

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As polythene packaging suppliers, we ensure that our range of polythene materials is top quality and cost-effective, designed and packed for convenience and easy usage. This polythene packaging is a highly versatile material – flexible, tough and protective – which is perfect for both shipping and storage applications. The products are made of polyethylene, a widely used plastic known for its toughness.

Our polythene packaging range includes polythene envelopes and plastic bags, self-seal bags, plastic sacks, polythene tubing, stretch film and polythene sheets. The packaging comes in different sizes to accommodate objects of various shapes and sizes. If you need to custom-make your own plastic bag, simply cut polythene tubing to size and seal it with our heat sealer.

Lightweight and easy to handle, the qualities of transparent polythene packaging are appreciated in many work areas and industries, notably for wrapping and transporting fashion garments, and for bagging electronic parts and medical devices.