Polypropylene Packing Tape

This range of polypropylene tapes is suitable for general purpose packaging, from lightweight to heavyweight needs. This type of adhesive tape performs well at low temperatures and is a cost-effective alternative to vinyl packing tapes. Polypropylene packing tape is durable, tough and reliable, and available as clear or brown tape. The range includes low-noise acrylic parcel tape ideal for busy shipping departments.

Our packaging tapes come in a wide range of widths and roll lengths to suit most packing requirements and will seal securely boxes and cartons for transport or storage.

Machine rolls of polypropylene tape are also available.

CodeRefSizeBoxed / Packed
CPT12Clear12mm x 66m144 rolls
CPT25 Clear25mm x 66m72 rolls
CPT38Clear38mm x 66m48 rolls
CPT50Clear48mm x 66m36 rolls
CPT75Clear75mm x 66m24 rolls
CPT50132Clear48mm x 132m36 rolls
BPT25 Brown 25mm x 66m72 rolls
BPT38Brown 38mm x 66m48 rolls
BPT50Brown 48mm x 66m36 rolls
BPT75Brown 75mm x 66m24 rolls
BPT50132Brown 48mm x 132m36 rolls
BAT48LNBrown Low Noise48mm x 66m36 rolls
BAT75LNBrown Low Noise75mm x 66m24 rolls
CAT48LNClear Low Noise48mm x 66m36 rolls
CAT75LNClear Low Noise75mm x 66m24 rolls
CPT501000Clear Machine Roll50mm x 990m6 rolls
CPT75990Clear Machine Roll75mm x 990mm4 rolls

Multi-purpose polypropylene tape is invaluable for use in warehouses because it has high resistance to impact while acting well at low temperatures. This strong adhesive tape may be noisier to use but it is a reliable low-cost alternative to the premium vinyl packing tapes. Available as brown or clear in varying widths and lengths, the parcel tape is ideal for many different general uses.

For high volume packaging departments, we offer low-noise acrylic polypropylene tape in brown or clear and easy-tear clear tape. The low-noise option has a water-based adhesive, making its release almost completely noiseless. It is also an environmentally-friendly alternative to vinyl yet has excellent adhesive qualities.

This low noise adhesive tape is ideal for use in a high volume packing environment. The polypropylene tape offers excellent adhesion and gives reliable performance at low cost.

All these packaging tapes are high performance, giving reliable, tamper-proof seals when packing boxes and parcels for dispatch.