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Polyproprylene Hand Strapping – On a Plastic Reel

Light and safe to handle, our polypropylene hand strapping on a plastic reel comes in medium and heavy weight, both supplying the ideal strength and tension for general hand strapping applications. Plastic hand strapping is available in polypropylene for lighter weight applications and polyester for more demanding loads. The pallet strapping is easily applied manually, although a strapping machine may be preferred for high volume banding.

Inexpensive and manageable, this poly strapping is great for securing or bundling a wide variety of packages for shipping as it is resistant to moisture and humidity. It can be printed to your own design for security and promoting your products.

CodeThicknessSizeBreaking Strain
HS12M PLASTIC0.60mm12mm x 1500m190kg
HS12HD PLASTIC0.70mm12mm x 1000m240kg
HS12 PLASTIC FRAGILE0.50mm12mm x 2000m130kg

Polypropylene strapping is a popular packaging tool, being reliable, recyclable and low-cost banding. It is a user-friendly 12mm hand strapping, resistant to humidity and moisture, and is utilised widely in warehouses and industries including paper, woodworking and construction, to secure palletised loads for transport.

Our 1500m of medium duty poly strapping on a plastic reel has a 190kg breaking strain, while the 1000m heavy duty version has a breaking strain of 240kg.  Both grades of pallet strapping are hardwearing with excellent qualities of stretch, tension and strength so you can be sure that loads in transit are securely fastened and remain firmly tied together.

The hand strapping banding is secured with the aid of hand strapping tools and plastic buckles or metal seals. This is an adaptable strapping solution for general bundling purposes and can be dispensed via a strapping machine or applied by hand.

Our polypropylene hand strapping can be custom-printed to your requirements.