Self Sealing Bags - Plain

These standard polythene resealable bags make the packing of lightweight items easier and convenient. To cater to a wide range of objects, the plastic bags are available in 20 different standard sizes, measured by their internal width and length.

Due to their reliable grip seal feature, the plain reclosable bags do not require fastening with heat sealers, staples or twist ties to stay securely sealed. Their durable polythene material protects products from moisture and dirt damage while in transit or storage, and its excellent clarity makes it simple to organise or sort packs without having to open them.

PG01.5 x 2.5"200 gauge - Plain
PG12.25 x 2.25"200 gauge - Plain
PG22.25 x 3"200 gauge - Plain
PG33 x 3.25"200 gauge - Plain
PG43.5 x 4.5"200 gauge - Plain
PG54.5 x 4.5"200 gauge - Plain
PG64 x 5.5"200 gauge - Plain
PG75.5 x 5.5"200 gauge - Plain
PG83 x 7.5"200 gauge - Plain
PG95 x 7.5"200 gauge - Plain
PG107.5 x 7.5"200 gauge - Plain
PG1052 x 9"200 gauge - Plain
PG116 x 9"200 gauge - Plain
PG128 x 11"200 gauge - Plain
PGA49 x 12.75"200 gauge - Plain
PG1312.75 x 12.75"200 gauge - Plain
PG1410 x 14"200 gauge - Plain
PG1511 x 16"200 gauge - Plain
PG1613 x 18"200 gauge - Plain
PG1715 x 20"200 gauge - Plain

A packaging staple for high volume users, plain resealable polythene bags are suitable for countless applications and are an invaluable packing solution in offices, warehouses, and industries.

These grip seal bags are ideal for packing or storing many different products, with a choice of 20 sizes ranging from 25x20ins (390x508mm) down to just 1.5x2.5in (38x64mm). The resealable bags not only give a neat professional look to packs, they also keep the contents clean and dry. And because they are manufactured from acid-free polythene material, our clear reclosable bags are guaranteed not to become wrinkled over time.

A real boon in the packing room, plain plastic resealable bags also enable quick packaging of products. This is thanks to their easy to use grip-seal feature which speeds up sealing the plastic bags while eliminating the need for heat sealers and staples.

Our plain resealable polythene bags offer an economical and attractive way to pack various lightweight objects. They are easily opened when needed, and can be re-used.