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Heat Sealers

We offer a wide choice of plastic heat sealers that produce and seal polythene bags of varied thicknesses. These reliable heat sealers come in a variety of sizes, all providing watertight and airtight seals, perfect when transporting or storing goods. Easy to use, the polythene heat sealers heat up instantly, operated using a normal 240v outlet. The sealing bar is lowered and held down for neat cuts.

This heat sealing equipment is extremely cost-effective as it allows you to create your own plastic bags from polythene tubing to meet your specific requirements or customised needs.

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Many industries will appreciate the value of our plastic heat sealers for their reliability and flexibility of use. They make the packaging and shipping of goods more secure as they produce airtight and watertight seals. The polythene heat sealers can be used to create and seal customised bags of various sizes from polythene layflat tubing as well as to seal polythene pouches or bags. The bag sealing equipment gives a neat and presentable finish, helped by the built-in cutter.

Heat bag sealers are perfect for heavy duty and high volume applications. They work quickly and efficiently, providing instant heat and cooling down immediately after use. The plastic bag heat sealers are supplied with a warranty so you can be assured of top quality performance.

The operation of a portable heat sealer is simple: plug it in a 240v outlet, open its jaws to position your polythene material, then lower the bar to produce the required seal.