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Packaging Room Equipment
Packaging Room Equipment

Counter Roll Holders - 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm

This flexible paper dispenser with tear-off bar, available in 3 widths, provides a cost-effective solution for cutting and dispensing rolls of Kraft or brown paper quickly, conveniently and neatly. A paper roll dispenser is invaluable in busy packing and wrapping departments; it’s the professional, safe way to make clean paper cuts. Choose from 600mm, 800mm, and 1000mm widths to accommodate various wrapping paper sizes. 

The paper roll holders can be used free standing, secured on a bench or counter, or wall-mounted –   stacking brackets are convenient to allow you to use two roll holders together, on top of each other.  These are available separately.  Please call for further details.

CodeCutting Width mm

Cutting kraft papers for packing or wrapping can be quite a messy, tedious and time-consuming process. With our paper roll dispenser, this task is made easier and more convenient thanks to its versatility and user-friendly features. Supplied in 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm widths, our paper dispensers are suitable to use for various office, retail and industrial packing and wrapping applications.

To utilise the paper roll holder’s versatility, you can leave it free-standing as a mobile counter roll dispenser, or add in hanging brackets, wall brackets or stacking brackets (available separately) so the dispenser can be mounted on walls or under counters to save space. The stacking brackets can be positioned on top of each other to make two different paper roll holders. Another versatile feature is that these dispensers accommodate different paper types, including brown paper, gift wrap, kraft paper, shrink film and most other kinds of wrapping paper.

An easy and mess-free way to cut paper, these time-saving paper dispensers will be a good addition to your packing kit.