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Paper Products
Paper Products

Wrapping Papers

We have a wide range of wrapping paper to suit every kind of packaging need and budget. The strongest brown paper is pure Kraft paper, classy, smooth-finished and ideal for medium to heavy duty wrapping. Imitation kraft paper is the cost-effective alternative, while specialist brown packing paper types are waxed acid-free Kraft paper (greaseproof, ideal for wrapping metal parts) and waterproof Kraft union.

Single faced corrugated paper is a popular general protective packaging and protective material. Specific inner paper packaging includes economy or acid-free tissue, glassine paper for protecting artwork, and the economical newsprint off cuts and straw paper.

Whether you are ordering for specialised or general packing departments and mailing rooms, we can supply top quality, excellent value and eco-responsible wrapping and packaging paper. Most of these paper products are dual purpose: when scrunched up they can be used as cushioning material or paper space filler.

Specifically for various interleaving purposes, we recommend corrugated paper, embossed straw paper and white newsprint off cuts. For wrapping silver, jewellery and anything liable to tarnish, there is a choice of acid-free white tissue paper: the top grade Scandinavian tissue or the regular acid-free tissue on rolls or in sheets. We also have the economical unbleached packing tissue.

Brown paper wrapping is a packing staple: for general use, choose imitation kraft paper, while for top presentation or extra strength choose pure kraft paper. Corrugated paper is an excellent protective wrapping paper. All these come on cost-effective rolls, available in various widths.

Specialist paper packaging includes waxed kraft acid-free, which prevents grease or oil seeping out from metal parts; Kraft union waterproof paper; and glassine paper for protecting photos and other artwork. For business or household moves, we also supply multi-ply paper blankets.

Please contact us to discuss individual requirements if you cannot see the exact paper packaging you require.