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White Newsprint Paper Offcuts

Sheets of white newsprint offcuts are a really versatile yet low cost material for wrapping, packing and void fill. Newsprint paper offcuts are white, clean, recyclable and biodegradable. They can also be used as interleaving between products and for a wide range of general packing applications. As space filler, the paper is simply scrunched up and placed inside packaging cartons/boxes where it serves not only as packaging void fill but also be a cushioning material for non-fragile items. News print void fill is perfect when packing up objects ready for storage or house-moving, and is widely used for wrapping china.

CodeSizeBoxed / PackedDetails
WNO500 x 750mm500 sheets10kg parcels

These newsprint paper offcuts are an economical interleaving solution, although it is not advisable to use paper void fill for very fragile and delicate items  where you can use bubble wrap or expanding air cushioning packaging instead. Paper offcuts are the ideal choice for wrapping and are popular in many packing departments and industries because the white paper is not just cost-efficient but also a versatile packaging solution. In fact, these clean newsprint paper offcuts are an ideal flexible packing staple. They can be used as news print void fill, cushioning, layering and/or packing material.

The paper offcuts work as a packaging void fill by simply crumpling the sheets and tucking them inside the carton or packing box. By filling unnecessary gaps in parcels, the paper void fill acts as cushioning, helping to ensure the safety of the contents during transit.

Made from 100% recycled material, these biodegradable and recyclable newsprint paper off cuts are manageable to use and easy to store.