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Mail Lite Padded Bags - Gold

These Mail Lite envelopes are strong, reliable and simple to use. The padded envelopes are ideal for quickly packing and posting objects like small books, CDs, DVDs, etc, and come in 11 different sizes. These padded mailing envelopes also provide packages with a presentable look as they are manufactured from premium quality macerated paper, with a gold exterior resistant to tears and punctures.

Mail Lite padded mailers additionally ensure the protection of contents while in transit thanks to their bottom flap that’s double glued and their strong self-seal feature. They are also one of the cheapest padded envelopes.

CodeInternal DimensionsImperialBoxed / Packed
MPBB/00124 x 222mm4.75 x 8.75ins100
MPBC/0149 x 222mm5.75 x 8.75ins100
MPBD/1181 x 273mm7 x 10.75ins100
MPBE/2213 x 273mm8.25 x 10.75ins100
MPBF/3213 x 336mm8.25 x 13.25ins50
MPBG/4238 x 336mm9.25 x 13.25ins50
MPBH/5264 x 374mm10.5 x 14.75ins50
MPBJ/6314 x 450mm12.25 x 17.75ins50
MPBK/7365 x 476mm14.25 x 18.75ins50
MPBL/8458 x 686mm18 x 27ins50

A highly cost-effective packing solution, these Mail Lite padded envelopes also save on postage because they are lightweight. They are an economical alternative to Mail Lite bubble envelopes yet still provide excellent protection with the strength and durability that can resist both punctures and tearing.  The reliability of these padded mailers is further reinforced by their double-glued bottom flaps and four-fold corners.

Available in many different sizes, these padded mailing envelopes have a self-adhesive strip that allows for faster sealing, further speeding up the packing process. With no need for an inner wrapping, and sporting a smart gold exterior for neater and more presentable packages, Mail Lite envelopes are an essential item in busy packing departments or mailrooms. Inexpensive, strong and flexible, these padded envelopes are quick and easy to use, answering to a wide range of mailing needs. Mail Lite envelopes are the obvious solution for posting a variety of items including small parts and videos.