Packaging Room Equipment
Packaging Room Equipment
Packaging Room Equipment

Post Room Ancillaries

This comprehensive range of post room ancillaries  includes the right equipment and packaging tools to improve the packing process in any warehouse or business. From protective gloves and customised labels to automatic banding machines and shrink wrap systems, we can supply all the mailroom equipment required for a more efficient and cost-effective use of packaging materials.

Our modular packing system with benches, racks and stands is an ideal starting point for smaller businesses as well as a space-saving option for companies involved in high volume and heavy duty dispatching of goods. All the packaging products are designed for professional usage.

A properly stocked packing room will include all the equipment needed for the secure parcelling, strapping and bundling of various goods. The right packing supplies are time-saving, space-saving, easy to use and will produce improved results. In addition to basic packaging tools such as adhesive tape and paper dispensers, knives, marker pens and staples for cardboard cartons, our range of packing machinery includes jumbo cutters with stands, polythene heat sealers and label dispensers.

Handy tools that boost the efficiency of packers include the carton sizer for cardboard boxes which adapts the containers for an improved fit, and a choice of glue guns to suit requirements.

As packing materials suppliers, we ensure that all our mailroom equipment is well designed and strong as well as being convenient and producing a professional finish.

Our wholesale packing supplies provide a complete service, including essential items such as required in busy packing rooms and warehouses.