Mini Pak’R Machine

Mini Pack’R is a small, easy to use system that makes air cushions on demand, whenever and wherever you need it, eliminating the storage of bulky material and freeing up valuable storage space. The Mini-Pak’R machine uses the latest RFID technology to select automatically the correct settings for ease of use and is virtually maintenance free with 12 months warranty.

Plugged in anywhere, the Mini-Pak’R runs at 7.5 metres a minute and can make 5 different types of cushion by inflating film material, while at 6kgs and only 360x330x280mm Mini-Pak’R is the most compact pillow packaging machine in its class.

CodeDescriptionSizePack Qty
MINI-PAK R QUILT-SQuilt Small400mm x 200m1
MINI-PAK R QUILT-LQuilt Large400mm x 200m1
MINI-PAK R TUBESupertube 400mm x 200m1
MINI-PAK R NOVUSDouble Cushion400mm x 200m1
MINI-PAK R FILM130200x130mm Cushion200mm x 325m2

This durable Mini-Pak R Machine is the convenient way to use pillow packaging whether you have a busy packing room or dispatch just a few cartons daily. Simple to set up and use, this air bag machine needs virtually no maintenance and can be plugged in where required. Compact and portable, the Mini-Pak R uses easy to store rolls of film, thus eliminating the need to find storage space for bulky materials.
Such features make this convenient air cushion packaging machine the perfect cushioning and void fill system. Pillow packing is the superior alternative to traditional protective packaging.

With no need for a compressor, the Mini-Pak R produces on demand up to 25 feet (7.6 metres) of air bags per minute. It is a versatile and ‘smart’ piece of packing equipment, creating 5 different types of air cushioning to suit most shipping requirements: the Mini-Pak R Novus double cushioning, Mini-Pak R supertube, Mini-Pak R Film 130, the Mini-Pak R small quilt air cushions and Mini-Pak R large quilt air cushions.