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Permanent Marker Pens - Red, Blue and Black

Coming in black, red and blue, these marker pens are invaluable for a wide range of warehouse and packing room applications. They are permanent markers, making an ideal partner for high-volume marking and labelling since they write on almost all surfaces including vinyl adhesive tape, cardboard, metal, glass and plastic.

Fast-drying and reliable, our permanent marker pens are convenient to use thanks to their non-toxic and low-odour ink which is waterproof and fade-proof. With long-lasting tips, the marker pens are cost-effective and perfect for marking up items for long-term storage as well as for labelling and addressing packages for shipping.

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Every packing department – or any warehouse for that matter – needs a good supply of permanent marker pens, and using good quality markers makes a big difference. Our marker pens meet the criteria of being both top quality and cost effective, writing with permanent ink on almost all surfaces as well as sticky shipping labels. They perform well on porous and non-porous surfaces, so you can write directly on cardboard boxes, plastic, metal, glass and even on adhesive tapes.

No matter if you are in a hurry, these marker pens are quick-drying and smear-proof, providing clear and water-resistant colour that will last for years. The red permanent marker is ideal for quickly writing warnings such as “fragile” or “handle with care”, while the black and blue marker pens are suitable for labelling packages and for other general writing applications.

The non-toxic feature of our permanent marker pens’ ink makes them perfect for high volume use.