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Mail Lite Plus Cushioned Envelopes – Oyster

These extra-robust bubble envelopes are an ideal alternative to standard bubble lined envelopes when a tougher cushioning material is required. Mail Lite Plus envelopes make excellent packing material for a wide range of fragile and heavier items, including books and electronic parts. These Mail Lite envelopes save you money on postage and extra wrapping and don’t need labels as the surface is easy to write on.

The attractive bubble pack envelopes coloured oyster have weatherproof and burstproof features; they are not easily torn or punctured, so give durable protection in the post. Mail Lite Plus envelopes come in several sizes.

CodeInternal DimensionsImperialBoxed / Packed
MLPA/000110 x 160mm4.25 x 6ins100
MLPB/00120 x 210mm4.75 x 8ins100
MLPC/0150 x 210mm6 x 8ins100
MLPD/1180 x 260mm7 x 10ins100
MLPE/2220 x 260mm8.5 x 10ins100
MLPF/3220 x 330mm8.5 x 13ins50
MLPG/4240 x 330mm9.5 x 13ins50
MLPH/5270 x 360mm10.5 x 14ins50
MLPJ/6300 x 440mm12 x 17.25ins50
MLPK/7350 x 470mm13.75 x 18.5ins50
MLPLL230x330mm9 x 13ins50

Made from strong kraft paper with a self-adhesive strip closure, these smart oyster-coloured bubble envelopes have laminated bubble linings to cushion items from bumps and knocks. Bubble wrap envelopes improve productivity in the packing department since no inner wrapping is required and they are quickly sealed with the peel and seal strip. Their light-weight also saves on postage costs. Simple-to-use and available in several sizes, Mail Lite envelopes are easy to write on too, thanks to their smooth surface – while labels stick on easily, too.

Mail Lite Plus envelopes are especially resistant to punctures and tearing, which makes them ideal for posting delicate items such as parts, as well as heavier objects like books. The convenience and strength offered by these bubble lined envelopes makes them a boon to all packing departments and offices. An attractive yet tougher option than standard bubble envelopes, these Mail Lite Plus bubble envelopes are the flexible and cost-effective postal solution.