Low Noise Adhesive Tape

Ideal for high volume packing environments or workplaces where noise needs to be reduced, our range of low-noise packaging tape provides excellent adhesion and reliable performance, especially when sealing cartons and other parcels for shipping.

Available as brown or clear in 66m rolls, this polypropylene packing tape is backed with a water-based adhesive which works equally efficiently at low and high temperatures and makes a cost-effective alternative to vinyl parcel tapes. It is also an environmentally-friendly option, making it an all-round excellent choice.

CodeRefSizeBoxed / Packed
BAT48LNBrown48mm x 66m36 rolls
CAT48LNClear48mm x 66m36 rolls

Noise from packing tapes can be a real problem in a busy working area. As packing tape suppliers for years, we realise how noise can adversely affect the concentration and momentum of those working in busy packing rooms or warehouses. Our low-noise packing tapes address this issue by providing you with strong adhesive tapes that seal cartons and boxes tightly – with no noise from dispensing. 

These polypropylene tapes are available in a brown or clear finish to suit your packing requirements. They are easy to use with the aid of scissors or cutters, but if for the fastest, neatest and best cuts use a desktop or handheld packing tape dispenser.

Coated with a water-based adhesive, this type of polypropylene packing tape is an ideal alternative to PVC tape as it is cheaper, more environmentally-friendly and gives a reliable performance. The packaging tapes are durable and hard-wearing, with resistance to moisture and dirt.