Loosefill Cushioning

Free flowing lightweight pieces of loose fill packaging, suitable for void filling and cushioning.

This packaging loosefill offers high protection to light, delicate items, reliably filling in any gaps within your packaging, whilst having the resilience to block and brace more products that are more substantial.

Our Pelaspan-Pac loosefill is a high performance, flowable cushioning material that can be used to protect any product.

Our GREEN biodegradable polystyrene loose fill chips are an economical void fill solution whilst also being environmentally responsible. 100% reusable, 100% recyclable and it is produced from 100% recycled polystyrene.

Loosefill-Bio is an innovative protective packaging product, made from renewable starch material.  Completely biodegradable and compostable.

PELASPANWhite CFC FreeS Shape15cu - Bag
LOOSEFILL-GREENGreen 100% RecyclableFigure 8 Shape15cu - Bag
LOOSEFILL-BIORenewable StarchS Shape15cu - Bag

Loosefill Dispensers

We are also able to provide convenient Loosefill dispensers.  These dispensers are fitted with a clear tube with a spring loaded scissor valve for accurate and controlled dispensing.

The hopper can be suspended from a ceiling or alternatively used with a mobile frame (sold separately).

  • HOPPER-2 - Two Bag Hopper - Takes approximately 30 cu ft of Loosefill  
  • HOPPER-4 - Four Bag Hopper - Takes approximately 60 cu ft of Loosefill  
  • MOBILE - Mobile Hopper Stand - Used to suspend 2 or 4 bag hopper