Lightning Blue Foam

A lightweight pre-formed foam profile, for superior protection. Made in 'L' angles, 'U' profile and corner.
The range of Lightning Blue Foam is shown below. If you cannot see the exact product you require, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

CodeMeters per CartonFurther Details
Bluefoam AB U15500mU Profile 8-16mm
Bluefoam AB U25280mU Profile 15-24mm
Bluefoam AB U35180mU Profile 20-35mm
Bluefoam AB U45160mU Profile 25-44mm
Bluefoam AB U60100mU Profile 30-58mm
Bluefoam AB U8080mU Profile 45-76mm
Bluefoam AB U10064mU Profile 60-96mm
Bluefoam AB L50480mL Angles 50 x 50mm
Bluefoam AB L75210mL Angles 75 x 75mm
CodeCorners per PackFurther Details
BLUEFOAM AB U15 CORNER900U profile 3-16mm x 100mm leg length
BLUEFOAM AB U25 CORNER600U profile 10-24mm x 100mm leg length
BLUEFOAM AB U35 CORNER400U profile 20-35mm x 100mm leg length
BLUEFOAM AB U45 CORNER300U profile 25-44mm x 100mm leg length
BLUEFOAM U60 CORNER500U profile 30-58mm x 100mm leg length