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Imitation Kraft Wrapping Paper

Low-cost imitation Kraft brown paper wrapping is used for many different packing and wrapping applications. Made of fully recycled fibres, the biodegradable brown paper is available in rolls of various widths and sheets of various sizes. Books, boxes and other light to medium weight objects can be covered with brown packing paper to avoid scratches during use or in transit.

This brown paper wrapping gives parcels a smart, presentable look without the expense of pure Kraft paper. The imitation Kraft wrapping paper not only offers an economical solution but is also a lightweight yet durable option.

CodeSizeFurther Details
IKR500500mm x 200m88gsm
IKR600600mm x 200m88gsm
IKR750750mm x 200m88gsm
IKR900900mm x 200m88gsm
IKR11501150mm x 200m88gsm

Imitation Kraft wrapping paper is a cost-effective packing solution; an adaptable and reliable lightweight brown paper material that helps cut postage costs. Made from 100% recycled and recyclable fibres, it has many uses, particularly in light to medium duty packaging applications. The imitation Kraft brown paper is ideal for covering items such as boxes and books to prevent scratches during shipping. Used brown paper wrapping makes an excellent void fill material at no extra cost.

Imitation Kraft paper is an affordable way of giving items presentable and professional packaging without sacrificing quality and reliability. Its versatility coupled with cost-efficiency and durability makes it a staple in any mailing department’s packing materials.

The imitation Kraft paper rolls, which come in various sizes, work well with paper roll dispensers, cleanly cutting off what is required to produce neat sheets of brown paper wrapping.