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Polypropylene Hand Strapping - Cardboard Core

Plastic hand strapping is available in polypropylene and polyester. Polypropylene is used for lighter weight applications whilst polyester is best suited to more demanding loads. Both types are light, easy and safe to handle. Strapping can be printed to your own design for security and promoting your products.

Polypropylene hand strapping is easy to handle, good value and hard wearing and, because it is able to shrink with the loads it fastens, it holds its tension better than steel or nylon strapping.  It can be applied with a hand strapping machine for speed and efficiency, or manually.

CodeThicknessSizeBreaking Strain
HS12L0.45mm12mm x 2000m130kg
HS12M 0.60mm12mm x 1500m190kg
HS12HD 0.70mm12mm x 1000m240kg

Efficient and cost-effective, our range of 12mm polypropylene strapping is the modern alternative to steel strapping, with the added advantages of resisting moisture and being recyclable. Our polyprop strapping on cardboard cores is available in 3 strengths on reels of 200x150mm. We also have a light duty 9mm hand strapping.  Strong, flexible and easy to manage, polypropylene strapping is an essential item in your packaging supplies.

The convenient and reliable way to secure or unitise loads, the strapping is used with plastic buckles or with hand strapping tools and metal seals, as required. For ease of use in a busy warehouse, it can be loaded on to strapping trolley or static dispenser, and can also be applied via a hand strapping machine.

Packers and operators will appreciate the lightweight, clean and fibre-free features of this pallet strapping. Delivering excellent and dependable performance throughout a wide range of industries, hand strapping polypropylene remains the popular bundling solution for light to heavy duty packing applications.