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Polythene Mailing Envelopes / Bags - Grey

Available in a wide range of sizes from 150x225mm to 600x900mm, these strong grey polythene mailing bags are a staple in business and packing departments. With a peal-and-seal self-adhesive strip, the polythene mailers are convenient and simple to use. They have an easy write-on surface for labelling, but address labels also adhere firmly.

Our grey polythene bags are an excellent protective choice for non-fragile direct mail, from pamphlets and magazines to fabric items. Lightweight and tear-resistant, polythene mailers are widely preferred to conventional paper envelopes, and the grey colour range is popular as the contents are not visible in transit.

CodeSizeBoxed / Packed
LMB01150 x 225mm1000
LMB02225 x 313mm1000
LMB03250 x 350mm1000
LMB04300 x 400mm500
LMB05325 x 475mm500
LMB06400 x 525mm500
LMB07450 x 550mm200
LMB08525 x 600mm200
LMB09575 x 700mm200
LMB10600 x 900mm200

There are many reasons to choose grey polythene mailing envelopes over standard paper envelopes. Aside from being lighter, these mailing envelopes have an extra strength and durability that can withstand harsh weather conditions while in transit, so not only do they save on postage but also they provide superb protection.

Perfect for mailing fabrics and bundles of papers, polythene mailers have a permanent self-adhesive strip which makes closing and opening them quick and easy while also serving as a tamper-proof solution. Offering excellent protection and security, these grey polythene envelopes are available in a variety of different sizes in highly cost-effective quantities per box to meet various postal requirements. They are resistant to punctures and tearing as well as being waterproof. The mail bags are an environmentally-friendly choice since they do not leave any harmful residue. 

Lightweight, strong, and economical, these polythene mailing envelopes will prove to be invaluable to a wide range of business postal needs.