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Packaging Room Equipment
Packaging Room Equipment

Hot Glue Guns, Glue Sticks and Slugs

Hot glue guns are used for clean, instant bonding of a wide range of objects in many work areas. The range provides different glue guns ideal for light to heavy duty needs. Glue gun uses include industrial or education applications, and they are excellent for sealing cartons as they produce strong, tamperproof and invisible seals for a more presentable finish.

These heat glue guns are ergonomically designed to be comfortable to use over long periods of repetitive work, thus reducing fatigue. The glue guns are simple to use, with easy triggers and shot control, plus convenient stands and electronically controlled heating elements. An auto-standby feature keeps the glue ready to use while lowering the temperature.

The hot melt glue guns are used with either glue sticks for glue gun or glue gun slugs.

Glue Guns
PACKER/31212mmLight Duty12mm Stick
PACKER/91212mmMedium Duty12mm Stick
PACKER/54343mmIndustrial 43mm Stick
GLUE95/1212mmGeneral PurposeBrown
GLUE96/1212mmFast PackagingBrown
GLUE97/1212mmGeneral PurposeClear
GLUE95/4343mmGeneral PurposeBrown
GLUE96/4343mmFast PackagingBrown
GLUE97/4343mmGeneral PurposeClear

Hot melt glues and guns are perfect for instantly bonding wood, plastic, wood, metal, leather and ceramics as well as paper and cardboard. 

For higher output choose medium or heavy-duty heat glue guns. Used with their appropriate glue sticks or glue slugs, they are all reliable and efficient, quickly providing an extremely cost-effective strong adhesive with no waste.

The glue sticks for glue gun come in various types to meet your specific requirements, including economical clear and brown general purpose hot melt sticks to use on china, paper and cardboard. For even faster seals, ideal for packaging rooms, there are brown fast melting sticks.

For high-volume use, the heavier duty and industrial glue guns are used with hot glue gun slugs which give an impressive output of adhesive. Again, there is a choice of general purpose brown and clear, and the fast melting variety.