Waterproof Cloth Gaffer / Duct Tape

This gaffer tape is a strong plastic-coated cloth tape, available in several colours. It is flexible, very strong and has a host of uses and applications. It is ideal for any businesses involved in heavy duty or awkward packaging as the duct tape’s premium grade natural rubber adhesive sticks firmly around even irregular surfaces.

The cloth adhesive tape is both durable and easy to use: it can be torn evenly by hand across the tape’s web. As long as it is stuck on dry clean surfaces, gaffer tape remains waterproof. Choose from green, blue, yellow, red, white, grey and white.

RefSizeBoxed / Packed
GAFFER-BLACK50mm x 50m24 Rolls
GAFFER-WHITE50mm x 50m24 Rolls
GAFFER-SILVER50mm x 50m24 Rolls
GAFFER25-BLACK25mm x 50m48 Rolls
GAFFER25-WHITE25mm x 50m48 Rolls
GAFFER25-SILVER25mm x 50m48 Rolls
** Also available in Red Yellow Blue and Green

Multi-purpose gaffer tape is perfect for export packaging, general repair, duct work and wherever reinforcement is needed. The choice of colours combined with the durability and super-strength of these plastic-coated cloth tapes make them ideal for vinyl repairs. Other applications include bundling, splicing, protecting, and anchoring electrical wiring. Excellent for packing and sealing parcels, the different coloured duct tapes (grey, black, red, white, blue, yellow and green) can be used for sorting, identifying or categorising when packaging cartons and boxes.

Because the duct tape’s natural rubber resin leaves no gummy residue, it is useful for floor marking or in set construction; you can remove it easily after use, without ripping off paint, and still have a clean surface.

These top quality cloth adhesive gaffer tapes conform to all shapes, making them easy to handle and use. They can be torn across by hand and moulded as required, making them invaluable tools in many different work areas and industries.