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Seal-Free Friction Strapping Tool

For ease of use with a professional finish on hand strapping, nothing can beat this friction seal strapping machine. Conveniently battery-powered and therefore totally portable, it is perfect for general polyester and polypropylene packaging needs, applying straps of 9, 12 or 16 mm widths and various thicknesses. No need for separate strapping equipment, or seals as this tool does the job in one go with the minimum of effort. It can even be operated single-handedly.

Comfortable and convenient to operate, this strapping machine supplies a tensioning force of up to 2,400 N (depending on the quality of the strapping and package), which is ideal for most strapping applications. It can be supplied with a rechargeable battery.

This battery-operated strapping machine is the answer when you want a professional and uniform finish without the bother – or expense – of a fully automated strapping plant. Even better, the strapping tool can easily be moved wherever required, indoors or outside.

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Strap dimensionsStrap widthStrap thickness
Polyester9, 12 mm0.4-1.05 mm
Polypropylene9, 12, 16 mm0.7-1.05 mm

TVX Friction Weld Strapping Tool Technical Data

4.5kg (including battery)
360 x 157 x 160mm (LxWxH)
Tensioning force
up to 2,400 N
Type of seal
Friction sealing
Insertion method
Strap on strap


Polyester (PET) and Polypropylene (PP) Strapping

Strap dimensions
Strap width
Strap thickness
9, 12 mm
0.4-1.05 mm
9, 12 mm
0.7-1.05 mm