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Fragile Adhesive Labels / Stickers

Our convenient printed sticky labels ease the worry of parcels being damaged due to mishandling in transit. Fragile handle with care stickers are essential packaging items in any warehouses and packing rooms involved in shipping delicate or fragile goods. Available in small or large sizes, these shipping labels are easy to use by just peeling the printed stickers off the roll and sticking them on packages that require extra care.

The fragile stickers have excellent permanent adhesive qualities and the attention-grabbing text FRAGILE in white on red, with the words Handle with Care printed underneath on the bigger label.

LABEL-FRAGILELARGE101.6 x 74.6mm1000

Pre printed labels are necessary packaging equipment when wrapping fragile objects for shipping. Fragile stickers are handy and effective packing solutions, just as important as the cushion bags which protect items from knocks and bumps or the void fillers which keep goods in place. Using an appropriate adhesive label ensures goods are properly handled in transit; once stuck on packages or boxes, the permanent sticker will alert handlers to the necessity for extra care.

Durable and easy to use, these printed labels on a roll have a superb adhesive quality, perfect for use on any dry, clean surface. For high volume packaging of fragile goods, the shipping labels can be used conveniently in dispensers. Designed especially to make sure delicate and breakable objects are handled responsibly, the stickers come in two sizes. The small labels have the word FRAGILE printed in white over a red background, while the larger sticky labels have the additional words Handle with Care underneath.