Protective Foam Rolls

These foam rolls are made from CFC-free polyethylene and are available in four different thicknesses with a choice of lengths and widths. Foam packaging is economical and convenient as the sheets off easily, leaving minimal waste. 

Space-efficient and lightweight, the packing foam rolls protect items from getting bumped, scratched or knocked without taking up too much space in the carton or adding to shipping costs.

This is a strong yet flexible non-abrasive packing solution for sensitive and delicate surfaces. The foam packaging sheets fold easily so they are also ideal for interleaving as when packing books or fine china.

CodeNo. of RollsSizeThickness
CA1305300mm x 300m1mm
CA1503500mm x 300m1mm
CA1752750mm x 300m1mm
CA11011000mm x 300m1mm
CA11511500mm x 300m1mm
CA15305300mm x 200m1.5mm
CA15503500mm x 200m1.5mm
CA15752750mm x 200m1.5mm
CA151011000mm x 200m1.5mm
CA151511500mm x 200m1.5mm
CA25503500mm x 120m2.5mm
CA25752750mm x 120m2.5mm
CA251011000mm x 120m2.5mm
CA251511500mm x 120m2.5mm
CA4503500mm x 75m4mm
CA4752750mm x 75mm4mm
CA41011000mm x 75m4mm
CA41511500mm x 75m4mm

Foam rolls provide a compact and tough packing solution for wrapping sensitive and delicate items ready for storage or transit. Lightweight and clean, these foam rolls for packing are non-abrasive and moisture resistant, perfect for preventing scratches or damage to fragile or polished goods such as glass, china and wood. They are also ideal to use for interleaving items of crockery or valuable books.

Packing foam rolls are simple to handle with easy-tear and space efficient features that do away with messy and bulky packing methods. This foam packaging solution is versatile and strong with superior protective and cushioning qualities, an excellent partner for a wide range of packaging needs and applications.

Highly convenient to use, you simply tear off or cut off enough foam packaging sheets required, obtaining a superb shock-absorbent material which conforms to the shapes of the products being wrapped. Millions of air-filled cells in the foam roll make it exceptionally flexible.

White Cell-Aire Foam Perforated

Cell-Aire foam can also be supplied in ready perforated rolls with the perforations set to any length on the roll. 

White Cell-Aire Foam Pouches

Cell-Aire can be supplied in pouches to your specific size requirements.

Pink Antistatic Cell-Aire Foam

Cell-Aire antistatic foam can be used to protect sensitve electronic equipment which is vulnerable to damage by electro static discharge.

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