Fill-Air Rapid Fill Packaging Machine & Air Bags

Protect and secure valuables and other boxed goods with instant customised air bag inflatable packaging. Our handy Sealed Air Fill-Air packaging machine does the job easily, producing sealed air bags as cushioning void fill.

Available in 7 sizes, the bags can be further customised by the machine to fill available carton space. Versatile and durable, packaging air bags can even be used again or recycled.

Air packaging ensures maximum productivity while guaranteeing customers’ satisfaction. The portable machine can be plugged in conveniently where required, and because sealed air bags utilise a controlled inflation process, minimal training is needed for operators.

CodeDescriptionSizePack Qty
RAPID-AIRFill-Air MachineN/A1
RAPIDFILL-1Fill-Air Bags230 x 280mm250
RAPIDFILL-2Fill-Air Bags280 x 380mm250
RAPIDFILL-3Fill-Air Bags360 x 460mm250
RAPIDFILL-4Fill-Air Bags410 x 580mm250
RAPIDFILL-5Fill-Air Bags460 x 580mm250
RAPIDFILL-6Fill-Air Bags490 x 910mm125
RAPIDFILL-7Fill-Air Bags910 x 1100mm100

Sealed air inflatable packaging is an established method of safeguarding goods in transit, and an air packaging machine with air fill packaging pillows will prove to be a very useful investment. Inflatable packaging is a cost-effective solution, ideal for on-demand and on-site void fill needs. The sealed air bags are lightweight but made from a very tough cushioning material that will hold fragile items in place while protecting them from damage.

Using the reliable compact air cushion packaging machine with a choice of 7 bag sizes to suit various packing needs, you can quickly make customised and durable air bag pillows that have excellent air retention. The size of the air bag packaging can also be adjusted by controlling the amount of inflation. Just follow 5 easy steps:

  1. Plug in the air cushion packaging machine and switch it on.
  2. Place goods to be packed inside the box – leaving one void area, either on top or at the side.
  3. Place the sealed air bag – at this moment still flat – in the box, and insert the machine’s inflator nozzle into the valve.
  4. Hold down and keep closed 3 of the box flaps while inflating the bag with the air packaging machine. Stop when the air bag has expanded to fill the void in the box; checking is made easy because the sealed air bag is clear in colour.
  5. Take off the inflator nozzle and close the remaining box flap. Complete the process by sealing the box with packing tape.

Requiring minimal storage space, inflatable sealed air fill bags for packaging are everything you need for a cushioning and void fill solution, especially for delicate or fragile and items. Air bags are efficient, smartly presented and guaranteed to give peace of mind to both you and your customers.

In addition to providing excellent all-round protection, Fill-Air packaging air bags are versatile, easy-to-use, highly reliable and durable. These features make them an invaluable addition to the packaging materials in packing units or departments.